Judge OKs $7.2M Settlement In Tractor-Fluid Class Action

A federal judge in Kansas City recently gave final approval to a $7.2 million class-action settlement on claims that a brand of tractor hydraulic fluid was deceptively and misleadingly labeled. Siro Smith Dickson Partner, Athena Dickson, is a member of the Plaintiffs’ Counsel Executive Committee managing this class action litigation.

The settlement finalized in January with several retailers is part of a series of “303” tractor hydraulic fluid, or THF, cases that have yielded more than $45 million in recoveries over the last three years. THF is used as a lubricant for farming, construction and logging equipment. The cases involve manufacturers that produced and retailers that sold allegedly defective THF labeled as 303 in stores across the country, causing damage to agricultural equipment and other damages.

Read the full settlement HERE.