“If you are looking for an attorney for Employment Discrimination or any other type of issues that Siro Smith Dickson handle, then I would highly recommend calling them before anyone else to see if they are able to take your case. My husband and I went together to meet with Raymond Dake for our first meeting and we both walked away feeling confident, hopeful and I felt heard. From Raymond, to the paralegals to the other partners and attorneys, I was always treated with respect and I never felt that I was being put on the back burner or ignored in anyway. Anytime I had a question it was answered quickly and thoroughly. I really loved that all attorneys discuss the cases together and go over them to give you more than one look at the situation. Raymond Dake was my attorney and he was genuine, compassionate, understanding, firm, thorough, inquisitive, and always professional. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Raymond and how much I appreciated his work on my case. It was obvious that Raymond loves what he does and he excels in every aspect of the job. I would recommend Raymond Dake and Siro Smith Dickson to everyone with an Employment Discrimination Case (or any other case that they handle) They get the job done while watching out for your best interest and treating you like family instead of like a client. Raymond Dake needs 50 Stars for how well he does his job!”

Client was employed as a dental hygienist and experienced age, sex and disability discrimination and retaliation and obtained a substantial settlement for their employment law case.

“Thank you to Siro Smith Dickson! Eighteen months ago, when you returned my call, you listened. I know you have been doing this for a long time and currently have and have had numerous clients, but you were focused on me. Your honesty, trust, counsel and belief in me provided me with confidence. You reassured me that I was doing the right thing. I knew moving forward was a risk and there were no guarantees, and litigation is “a full contact sport”

Maybe you have heard this before, but “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” The settlement was fantastic and I’m still processing it, but that’s not the breath-taking moment. It was having the firm in front of me, by my side, covering my back and, at times, carrying me!”

Client was employed as an accounting and finance executive and was the victim of age discrimination and whistle-blowing retaliation. Client obtained a $1 million settlement for their employment law case.

“I contacted Rik Siro to help me with a discrimination suit I was seriously considering with my employer at the time. Rik and all of his team members were so understanding to my situation. They worked for months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes to get my case to a jury trial. Rik, his team, his secretaries, and all who are involved with this firm, treated me with kindness, answered any questions I had, helped me with paperwork that needed to be completed, and had a complete amount of knowledge.

They were outstanding in court and held the witnesses from my company accountable for all of their answers. It was astonishing to watch them ask questions and not stop till they got the answers they wanted. I was amazed at the ability they had to make even the calmest of witnesses, nervous and mad by the time they got off the stand. The case took a week to conclude with a verdict of GUILTY of discrimination!! I was totally impressed with Rik and his entire team and had total confidence in all of their decisions in my case.

I have had countless people ask me for their phone number so they could and can contact him for something they would need him for. I could not have found a better FIRM, than SIRO, SMITH, DICKSON, and I definitely could not have won that case without each and every one of these team members especially, Rik Siro.”

Client was a State Highway Employee and the victim of sex and age discrimination. She obtained a judgment of $1.2 million following a jury verdict in her favor.

“I highly recommend the firm of Siro Smith and Dickson. The firm guided me professionally through the litigation process to a successful conclusion for me and my family. Throughout the entire process, communication was the key element in providing up to date information relative to my case. Litigation is a marathon, not a sprint. Over the several years from beginning to the conclusion of my case, the team provided constant support in a patient and compassionate manner. I would not hesitate to call on this outstanding team in the future.”

Client was a Public School Educator and the victim of age discrimination. He obtained a $1.3 million judgment following a jury verdict in his favor.

“When I initially contacted Siro Smith Dickson, I was not sure that there was enough evidence to support my case. They were able to find information that I never knew existed. They believed in my case and more importantly believed in me. Thank you, Siro Smith Dickson, for the amazing result; my life has greatly been changed because of your dedication.”

Client was a Factory Manager and the victim of age discrimination. Client obtained a $1.4 million settlement for their age discrimination claim.

“I never thought I would find myself in the devastating position of losing a job through the inappropriate actions of an employer. It was a very emotional period for me and my family as we considered contacting an attorney. After talking with four different law firms, we decided Eric Smith and his team at Siro Smith Dickson would give us our best chance at a positive outcome. The team at Siro Smith Dickson changed my life during that time, as they helped me to understand the law and my right to use it.

Their initial assessment of my case, timing, and subsequent legal strategy were proven to be spot-on as they kept me focused and off of the emotional aspects of my situation while pointing me towards the potential positive outcome. Their diligence and competence during the discovery and deposition phases were hugely effective, all while representing me in a very professional manner.

Throughout the process, they kept me updated and informed, always available to answer my questions and concerns. Aside from the large monetary settlement they secured, Siro Smith Dickson gave me back my dignity, peace of mind, and the confidence in myself to move forward in my life and career. The time spent working as partners with the firm proved to be enjoyable, rewarding, and tremendously successful. I consider myself truly blessed to have been represented by lawyers using their talents and passion to right the wrongs of my case, for which I am eternally grateful.”

Client was a Senior Finance Executive and the victim of age discrimination and whistle-blowing retaliation. Client obtained $1.2 million settlement for their Employment Law case.

“Knowing that I had not been treated fairly in my workplace and truly believing that I had a case to present I was referred to the Siro Smith Dickson law firm for a clearer insight. It’s not easy letting your emotions go and to solely rely on the facts but this firm truly represented me in a way that made me feel proud of my career accomplishments again. From the beginning of my case until the end I felt like I was in great hands to represent not just myself but my family as well because we are all impacted. Thank you again for listening and believing in me.”

Client was a Manufacturing Supervisor for a government contractor and the victim of race discrimination. Client was awarded a high five-figure settlement, retained their employment, and was granted a promotion in the resolution of their race discrimination case.

“I’ve worked for nearly three years with Athena, Ryan, and the team at Siro Smith Dickson on my employment case. From the moment I met her, Athena was supportive in helping me navigate through the complexity of legal issues surrounding my case, including representing me during my filing for unemployment, the subsequent appeal from my former employer, and defending me when my employer filed an additional retaliatory claim.

Athena and her team were always available to answer any questions I had (there were many!) and to help me prepare for my Federal jury trial. Lawsuits can be scary and intimidating on so many levels, but the team at Siro Smith Dickson offer compassion and support to make it less so. They are hands down the best employment attorneys in the Kansas City metro…..I recommend them highly!”

Client was a Property Manager and the victim of whistle-blowing retaliation. Client was awarded a $4.9 million jury verdict for their Employment Law case.

“I found myself in need of legal counsel for a job discrimination problem. Mr. Siro of Siro Smith Dickson, PC, came highly recommended. We met quickly and the case was completed with more than satisfactory results. I recommend Mr. Siro to anyone in need of really fine counsel. The entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent points all around.”

Client was a Healthcare Worker and the victim of sex and age discrimination. Client obtained a six-figure settlement for their Employment Law case.

“Athena Dickson is a wonderful attorney. She did very well by me. She did everything she said she would do. She is very straightforward with you and really good at calling and telling you what is going on. When I was on vacation in Reno, she called me 3-4 times to tell me what was going on. She is a wonderful person. In fact, I tell everyone if you ever need a good lawyer let me know so I can tell you about a great person. I was very satisfied with my settlement she got for me. With all my love. Many, many thanks to you.”

“I am so pleased Mr. Siro handled my injury case. My husband and I were kept well informed and our questions were answered with courtesy and clarity. It was a happy ending and I recommend them to anyone in need of a terrific and caring legal firm.”

“I know how hard you worked for me. Thank you. I will always be grateful especially for your kindness and concern. You (all of you) helped carry me through some hard times. God Bless.”

“I am a 24 ½ year veteran of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department, now retired. I have had the honor and privilege to know and work with the staff at the Siro Law Firm involving a lawsuit against the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. Rik Siro’s commitment, efficiency, and invaluable knowledge of representing me as a person that was wronged goes without question. Their concern about you as a person, first and foremost, is part of their high standard of professionalism.

As a result of their commitment to my Age Discrimination case, I was awarded 2.7 million dollars. Without question, if it was not for the collective commitment of this law firm, my family and I would be lost without any hope of seeking proper justice. I would recommend that the Siro Law Firm with their expertise, experience, and knowledge should, and must represent you as an individual and or group.”

Client was a Police Officer and the victim of age discrimination. Client obtained a $2.7 million verdict and judgment in their Employment Law case.

“I just want to thank you for the time you made available to me concerning the disability claim of my wife. I am especially grateful for your up-front honesty concerning the award.”

“At a health facility, I went to the restroom. There was water on the floor and no caution signs. I fell, breaking my hip and shoulder. Mr. Siro came to my home to get the necessary information to file suit. After the suit was filed, I was kept informed by phone and mail. The whole experience was pleasant and professional.”

“As a professional, I worked with many attorneys over the years and Rik was the exception to some commonly held views of lawyers. He communicated well, was on time for meetings, met deadlines, and returned phone calls. No staged drama during depositions or court. Very professional and effective, highly recommend.”

Client was the victim of a Personal Injury and obtained a jury verdict of $350,000 in his favor, reduced to $273,00 after comparative fault determination.

“I would highly recommend Raymond Dake (or Siro Smith Dickson) and his team. They were extremely helpful. They talked me through the process and communicated well along the way. They listened to my needs and followed through. They are the ones to get the job done for you. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Client was a Healthcare Worker and the victim of wage theft/unpaid overtime. Client received a settlement of $300,000 for their Employment Law case.

“If you are looking for attorneys with a great reputation and commitment you should call the team at Siro Smith Dickson.”

Client was a Public Administrator and the victim of age and race discrimination, and retaliation. Client obtained a six-figure settlement for their Employment Law case.