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Kansas City spinal cord injury lawyersBrain injuries and spinal cord injuries are two of the most severe types of injuries a person can sustain. They change a person’s life forever. Sustaining these injuries as a result of another person’s negligence can make your injuries seem worse than they are. You may have to deal with issues ranging from lifestyle change to loss of income or paying substantial medical bills – all because someone was negligent. If that has happened to you, please call our Kansas City brain and spinal cord injury attorney right away.

We understand the pain and frustration of these events, as well as the financial difficulty that can result. As a result, our brain and spinal cord injury attorneys in Kansas work very hard to help residents of our city who have suffered these injuries obtain fair compensation.

We have provided legal support for hurting people and their families since 1975 and have attained a solid track record of getting results for our clients. We will leave no stone unturned, or avenue pursued in getting you the compensation you deserve.

Causes of brain injuries and spinal cord injuries

These injuries can be caused by different types of incidents. Some of these include the following:

The type of spinal cord injury a person can sustain is dependent on the location of the injury and the severity of the damage to the spinal cord. Considering those factors, spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis of different degrees and loss of function and feeling including:

  • Quadriplegia: This is the paralysis of all four extremities of the body, the upper arms, the two legs, and the lower part of the body.
  • Paraplegia: This is the paralysis of the two lower extremities, the legs and the lower part of the body
  • Hemiplegia: This is a loss of function in one side of the body. It is commonly seen in people who have suffered a stroke or sustained a brain injury.

If you or your loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury, please get in touch with our Kansas City brain and spinal cord injury attorney today.

Brain injuries

Brain injuries are tricky as they do not necessarily present immediately after an accident. Sometimes, they present as soon as the accident happens, and sometimes, they do not present for a while. This is why it is important to report any head trauma you suffered in an accident and ensure you are closely monitored by medical personnel. Some of the symptoms to look out for are:

  • Recurrent headaches
  • Loss of voluntary and involuntary motor functions
  • Memory loss or gaps in memory
  • Loss of motor functions – voluntary or involuntary
  • Sensory loss such as that of sight, speech, or hearing
  • Bouts of depression, anxiety, or presenting with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

If you begin to feel any of the above, please get yourself examined in the hospital and reach out to skilled brain injuries and spinal cord injuries attorney.
What damages should you expect when you file a liability suit?

The damages you can expect when you file a brain injuries and/or spinal cord injuries liability suit are categorized into two: economic and non-economic damages.

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Economic damages will cater for expenses you incur from the date you sustained the injury. This will include your medical bills, payment for lifestyle changes, payment for a caregiver should your injuries warrant it, and mitigating your loss of income.

Non-economic damages will compensate you for the pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. You could also be awarded damages for loss of consortium especially if you are married and your injuries have made it difficult or impossible for you to fulfil your marital duties. Reach out to us today at 816-471-4881or through our contact page and let us fight for you.