Plaintiff’s Verdict of $363,000 plus Attorney’s Fees Awarded in Pregnancy Discrimination Case

Attorney Larry Schumaker of the Schumaker Center for Employment Law and Siro Smith Dickson Partner Eric Smith recently obtained a verdict for their client, Shanna Lambing , on her pregnancy discrimination claim in Kansas federal court against Berkley Insurance Company.

Ms. Lambing asserted violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), including pregnancy discrimination and retaliation. Ms. Lambing worked for Defendant as a Human Resources manager from March 25, 2019 until her wrongful termination January 23, 2020. Plaintiff brought suit claiming her termination was due to her high-risk pregnancy status and because she engaged in protected opposition activities including reporting sex discrimination against other employees.

Damages alleged by Ms. Lambing included emotional distress, lost wages totaling $43,462.03 in back pay; and punitive damages.

The Kansas City, Kansas federal jury of 8 men and women rendered a unanimous verdict of $363,462.03 for Ms. Lambing on her Pregnancy Discrimination claim , awarding $100,000 in compensatory damages for pain and suffering, $43,462.03 in back pay, and $220,000 awarded for punitive damages.

Attorney’s fees and costs will be awarded separately by the court pursuant to statute at a later date.